How to Create a Personal Brand

Create a personal brand that defines your real estate business in terms of the 4P’s: price, promotion, product, and position. It’s about designing and developing a product (your services) to suit a particular market need. A brand message differentiates your personal experience, specialized knowledge, and the market.

Your brand becomes the part of the expectations of potential clients because it articulates their needs as a solution. When you create a personal brand, it should strike a chord with consumers, and take on a life of its own. The uplift may be limited only by the technical restraints in delivering on your promise.

One client may have a real need for innovative promotion if their property is unusual or difficult to sell. Another client may have a perceived need to be associated with an agent who elicits a certain lifestyle. Others may be looking for technical expertise to help with a particular problem, such as investing. The result of branding is an increase in the size of your circle of influence and advertising efficacy simply through uniqueness.

Specialized Knowledge

Potential clients may be drawn to your specialized knowledge, lifestyle, or sense of social purpose. By marketing from a position of strength, productivity is increased through natural attraction. It positions you as an authority, elevates your credibility, and differentiates you from others.

For real estate agents, a personal brand also reflects your business plan. It is a self-contained framework for a practice to trade real property. It tells people what you do but also helps focus your efforts on the things that really matter.

It’s worth noting that brand promotion is different from self-expression. Knowing the difference between these types of communication can help keep you in a safe harbour professionally. Authenticity and transparency are important but it’s equally important to set limits so that your personal life doesn’t become the basis for your brand on social media, for example.

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