Are you a real estate marketer or promoter? Did you know that real estate marketing and promotion are actually two different activities? When you discover a new, potential market and create something to sell within it, you’re doing marketing. Imagine discovering a need in your community and then designing and selling a housing solution to fit that need. For example, you may have an opportunity to connect a developer with an interesting parcel of land suited to a development idea that you have in mind. That’s marketing!

Real Estate Promotion

In comparison, real estate promotion is more focused. It is concerned with products and services that already exist in the market and need a voice in order to sell. Most real estate agents work as promoters, or advertising specialists, for housing that has already been designed and built.

As a real estate promoter, your role is to master the sales channels and advertising techniques that allow you to share listing information with a suitable audience. Promotion is about knowing when and how to use advertising to do more business. Your own special blend of advertising is called the “promotional mix”. It is usually the result of research and refinement until you have a process that works smoothly.

Promotional Toolkit

Your promotional toolkit includes non-personal advertising, direct marketing, interactive media, sales promotion, public relations, and personal selling. Ideally, all the activities in your mix should work together. Does your direct marketing mention your website? Is your website integrated with your customer management software? The objective is to create a continuous and seamless advertising and communication experience for your potential clients.

Know the difference between being a real estate marketer or promoter!

At Pemberton Holmes, we work to bring our sales staff the necessary tools so they can make good decisions when promoting property. Our role in your promotional plan is to research and develop opportunities that you can use to be successful. Contact us today!

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