Real Estate Career

Real estate can seem like the perfect career for some people. The combination of work they love and the rewards for success are strong motivators. The most successful salespeople come to the role with a skill set that invites success.

Selling real estate doesn’t require a post-secondary education but it helps to have training in subjects such as finance, business management, professional sales techniques, and customer service. Formal education will differentiate your services from other agents.

As a sales representative, you’ll enjoy benefits such as setting your own work schedule or working from a home office. Want to take time off to spend with family or go on holidays? It’s entirely up to you when and how you practice.

Expert sales people are also expert business managers. Their skill sets are always developing and they have an increasing earning potential as a result. As you gain experience, you may want to specialize in a particular area, such as condos or sub-division development.

Most people obtain their real estate license with a plan to sell real estate but there are many other roles within a brokerage waiting for the right person. You may want to consider a career path to management or business development. You may even want to own a Pemberton Holmes franchise at some point.

At Pemberton Holmes we have been helping Vancouver Islanders buy and sell real estate since 1887. Our brokerage managers have the necessary training and skills to help you be successful. Contact us today for information on joining our team.

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